Cash Coupon

How to get our cash coupon? 


Leave a review


When your order status is Completed, you can write a review.  By doing so, you  will have a chance to get $3 Cash Coupon.


 Tip:  You should Login our site and go to My Account > All Orders, then choose your order and click Write a Review, write down your review.



Shoot a review video


When receiving your package, you can make a video that is not less than 3 minutes to describe the product with brief introduction and review on the shopping

experience as well as the details of the product, and then upload the video to Youtube.


Tip: Login >My Account >All Order 

Choose your order, then click Video Review and write down the youtube link of  your review video. After doing this, you will have chance to get $19.99 Cash

Coupon.Over 500 views , we will give you addition  $15 coupon cash.



Share our site


Share or introduce our site on a relevant soccer forum in your country, our website  address need to be contained in your introduction, and send us the link of your

introduction on the forum. You will get $1-10 Cash Coupon when it is verified.


Invite Your Friend Register

when you Invite your friend regesit in our website, you will get Cash Coupon


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